Minggu, 09 November 2008

The Future President of Indonesia

In April 2009, Indonesia will be organizing an election of President. All of Indonesians which they’re above 17 years old, have to choose one name from any candidates. Although, Indonesia have any candidates of President which is have a good quality, good performance, and wide conception. But, between any candidates, just only one who can be the President of Indonesia, and to go through a period of government wheel for 5 years.

We’re needed the President, who can be lead us to goes a new face of Indonesia. Such as, repair in economics, politics, and education. I think The future President of Indonesia must have any criteria below:

  1. Intelligent, have a wide conception, knowledge, and capability to solve the problems,
  2. Have any ideas to get a changes to move on,
  3. Have a high spirit of social,
  4. Sensitive to be up against the problems what happened in the people of Indonesia,
  5. Wise when take action to solve the problems,
  6. Consistent and Responsible, etc.

If the President fulfilled the criteria above, Indonesia can be better than before. Everything need a time to process, and President can’t do that alone. He needs peoples to help him in government. Like a Vice President, Minister, and any staff who help the President to do his job. A good President is a person who cares with everyone without hidden agenda.